We are ​located in Roja, Latvia.

Roja is a district centre in Kurzeme at the shores of the Gulf of Riga,

where the River Roja falls into the gulf.

The company opened its production unit within territory of the former collective farm BANGA that was very popular during the soviet times, commencing production of canned fish already in 1947. Since the beginning of 2012 Banga LTD Ltd has revived in new quality having adjusted and updated its production unit in accordance with requirements of the European Council directives, as well as received a permit for export not only to European countries, but also to the Customs Union states, USA, Japan, China and many other countries.

The high quality processing is approved by IFS (International Food Standards) and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certificates.

The main production assortment is high quality processed canned fish that are mainly made of fresh fish from the Baltic Sea. Basic production includes high quality sprats and Baltic herring in oil, Baltic sardines in oil and tomato sauce, sprats with chili and garlic. Our PREMIUM range in SAFE plastic, has been awarded by many our customers all over the world. Mussels, mackerel, salmon, pates, fried products are on daily table for you ready.